Crosby – Cliff Hoeft

There is a white stucco funeral home down the street from the convenience store with a big tobacco sign above the door and there is a one story hospital in the other direction for people who still live after the antique stores were emptied and the clothing store that everyone’s neighbor from church owned folded many years ago about the same time that Mr. Meats closed down but there is still one supermarket open which thank god has cheap groceries because the old brown house in need of a new porch that is now a food bank is way too busy for an iron mining town with no miners and a museum worthy history where only the paths that bikers ride on with balloon tires out by the lakes where vacationers with big speed boats can water ski or try to catch a fish even though zebra mussels have taken over my god how this is all too easy to forget about when the gas station on the corner of 3rd and main has a line outside the door not because people need to pump gas so they can drive around looking for a job or admire the late change of Fall colors since global warming but because there is a sticker in the window that says Megamillions and who does not want to win a 1.6 billion dollar jackpot which is more important than a can of soup, a pack of cigarettes, a good vacation, and god